2021 Harvest Plus Soybean Premium Program
IP Soybean Growers 2022
Are reminded to submit seed tags and field maps to complete your contracts.
Please fill out the attached form and return by mail or email to jlyngrainsoffice@gmail.com
Field Map     Chemical Spray Record

                           * PLEASE NOTE there are no limits on acreage, bushels/acre or signups!




HU Rating Location Premium ($/Bushel)




  J-LYN Grains


Well adapted to all soils and tillage practices. Excellent disease and lodging resistance.


Certified only

   2700   J-LYN Grains


Excellent yield potential! Adaptable to all soil and row types and space



Certified only


   2800   J-LYN Grains


Tall bushy plant; early canopy; Excellent results on tough ground; Great root disease package; SCN resistant


Certified only

   2725   J-LYN Grains $4.00

White mould tolerance; tall plant with good stand-ability; Excellent yield rating


****Please call Jeff  519-703-0574

or Carolyn 519-703-0170

     *************J-Lyn Grains commits to match legitimate industry premium levels if released at higher values.****************** 

Mandatory Chemical Record Keeping for IP Soybeans

Attention all IP Soybean Growers!

We must have Chemical records from all IP Soybean Gowers as per our Buyers request.

Please fill out the attached form and return to us as soon as possible. Please note we will be unable to receive your beans if we do not have these records. Thank you in advance for aiding us in this policy.

Please click on the links above Thank you