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Quotes are delayed, as of September 16, 2021, 11:21:16 AM CDT or prior.
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Quotes are delayed, as of September 16, 2021, 11:21:16 AM CDT or prior.
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Cotton Futures 22 to 28 Points Lower in Early Thursday Action -

Overnight cotton trading has futures 22 to 28 points lower, ignoring the thinly traded October contract. December cotton spent time on both sides of

Soybean Futures Up 5 to 7 Cents -

Soybeans are trading 5 to 7 cents higher this morning. Soybean meal is providing the lift, with light profit taking in the soy oil. Soybean futures

Hogs See Bounce in October Futures, Still Steeply Discounting Cash Index -

The back month hog futures’ gains faded in the afternoon on Wednesday, as the board closed 22 to 37 cents in the red. The 2021 delivery months

Wheat Mixed Ahead of USDA Export Sales Data -

Wheat prices are mixed ahead of the Export Sales report, from 2 ½ lower to 1 ½ higher. Yesterday saw follow through double digit gains. CBT prices

Cattle Futures Trade Both Side of UNCH, Awaiting Clarity on Cash Trend for Week -

October cattle futures contracts rallied enough to close a nickel in the black. The other months posted losses of 10 to 40 cents on Wednesday. Long

Corn Higher Again -

Ahead of the Export Sales update, corn prices are trading 2 to 3 cents above the previous close. On Wednesday, prices rose 5 ½ to 13 ¼ cents.

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